The Best of Plucks is a must-have collection of really usable synth sounds for the amazing Spire soft synth.
Suitable for all genres of electronic music, this soundset contains 50 fantastic pluck presets, to give you some fresh ideas for your next song.
All these inspiring patches are exclusive to this soundset only and can NOT be found on our other soundsets!

This is the third in a new series of four soundsets for the Spire soft synth : Arps & Sequences, Bass, Plucks and Leads.

Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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Content Details:

  • This soundset offers 50 got-to-have pluck sounds for the wonderful Spire synth.
  • Includes a wide variety of high quality pluck patches, created for electronic dance music, but also for ambient, chill and other genres.
  • ModWheel assigned for all presets
  • With these versatile set of amazing pluck presets, you will always find what you’re looking for.
  • All presets ready for instant playing pleasure!


  • 50 Pluck


  • For single user
  • 100% royalty-free for private and commercial use


  • Spire 1.1.8 or higher required

Preset List

  • PL Ambient Pluck
  • PL Angel Eve
  • PL Bells Pluck
  • PL Black Ball Game
  • PL Cable Pluck
  • PL Chain Reaction
  • PL Class Act
  • PL Clock Pluck
  • PL EDM Pluck 1
  • PL EDM Pluck 2
  • PL EDM Pluck 3
  • PL EDM Pluck 4
  • PL Flasher
  • PL For All Mankind
  • PL Fozzie
  • PL Galveston
  • PL Glide PLuck
  • PL In the Summer
  • PL Intrepid
  • PL Jamaica Pluck
  • PL Kazoom
  • PL Lady Luck
  • PL Lilly B Nice
  • PL Migration
  • PL Miller
  • PL Mojito
  • PL Natural Pluck
  • PL Nowell
  • PL Oriental Pluck
  • PL Perfectamento
  • PL Piano Pluck
  • PL Pluck Inferno
  • PL Pluck Memories
  • PL Pluck Royalty
  • PL Plucky Guy
  • PL Rear Window
  • PL Red Gin
  • PL Road to Nowhere Arp
  • PL Room 426
  • PL Shorty
  • PL Silver Oak
  • PL Sugar Monkey
  • PL Sunny Day
  • PL Tech Pluck
  • PL The Candidate
  • PL Trance Lust
  • PL Vienna Pluck
  • PL Virtual Virgin
  • PL Whip Pluck
  • PL Zuckergate